entropy v2 4-1-2017



i had forgotten what i thought about entropy.

that. dissolving…in..to.nothing grass to cold moon rock to space sand black hole whale krill and then what

or perhaps i was waiting for thoughts in the first place,

to balance the feel of that symmetry to evolution gas guzzling flora forming culture contouring context etching people text messaging rebounds off of earth metal thrust a home run’s reach

past Rumi’s smiles held long into laughter pulsing the way from a memory warming, a meditation on love

The growth of thought to form a thought on form, or the sun falling into grass fringed cracks in the sidewalk

Paving large tomes of history into religion into science meeting reality at an electrical level. Silos of shelves eddying off an AC current, reconverging in a soaked up skinned up stardust sea sponge’s parallel circuits, repairing and raising staircases of thought, basements and dens and abandoned cafe’s of it

All stored and priced for retrieval, prisoner to the laws of vending machine economy, convinced it is the house and not the backyard. Until the gardener kicks you out, for the smell of rotting plants and better things, and all your life’s begotten thoughts, return to their true meaning.

Born out of a out of a out of a hairy heritage. Into, growing, into a glowing. Throbbing into a million heartbeats mumbling into the ground honest as we grow older and coccoon ourselves into words and individualities so sure of a border, so houses come nations come planets come systems, already gone solar so longs still winking through the wrinkles…

while we’re getting old kicking up sand at the foothills, while motifs come crumbling down brown colored knowledge, in the hopes that a lip might lick up an echo

an echo that we were once fire, and mountains once moved, the earth’s blood was iron, and so was the moon

our memory is coiled into a bodiless string, being pulled to the notes that remind us to be. to be earth, then to breathe, to be earth, to breathe

and in between, sing

for we all return to that bodiless thing