so lost and dropped
right on my head
and right through glass
and falling fast

shrinking just
to fit
on broken shards of slowed down sand
and gathering
each piece of past

establishing a plot of land
a crooked chair
of misconceptions
running on
a humbled engine

watching pterodactyl angels fly

and looking up a churning of light and dreams
slanted, refracted
from the current

as i sit here
wondering and was’ing
while up there are fatherless futures with sinewless features
will never be, so long as i look and not lead

see chasing planes i cannot catch

more accustomed to the rumbling of the tracks
the whistle high sighs its low goodbye
the grass grows warm and two vines
arch and join and bloom
then twist and cage and rose entomb
and hoop around and hold a child
before a head could yet appear
and suddenly i know
the length of the sky
and why

i am here:

time limit

I’m going to die

I am going to die, and
i know that

‘m going to. but why

tie knots and not just
freely forward
treasure the line
each inching twist of twine, a rolling roiling thought boiling backwards, feeding towards
an answer
that speaks for itself
and sinks into time